Albert C. Mikkelsen
everything is yet to be

“Albert C. Mikkelsen believes that the times are thrilling. The exponential development and democratisation of technologies is unleashing a cumbrian explosion of opportunities. On the other hand, such rapid change can unsettle larger established companies whose size hinders the agility needed to react to such change. Albert contends that organisations need new strategies and operations that will develop the swiftness, vision and network needed to tap into the aforementioned opportunities. To achieve this, it’s capital that teams and individuals are equipped with the right knowledge, tools, methodologies and cultural behaviours, such as experimentation, empowerement, purpose or adaptivity among others. Together with his network of partners and collaborators, he has helped organisations such as VW-Audi, Danone, CaixaBank, Chiesi, Puig, Novartis, Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo de España or GSMA among many others, through consulting, entrepreneurship, research, training programs, teaching and public speaking”

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